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MAT transforms warehouse processes with NetSuite

The company's warehouse is the core of its operations. An effective supply chain strategy can provide insight into inventory levels and ensure timely entry and exit of products to maintain customer satisfaction. But as organizations grow, more products need to be managed and stored, and traffic in the supply chain increases, warehouse operations may become increasingly complex. In many cases, companies need to adjust their technological foundation to expand and meet current and future needs as they grow.

MAT is one of the well-known automobile parts manufacturers and suppliers in the United States, providing products to some of the world's most well-known retailers and directly to consumers. the company's catalog has grown to include hundreds of products from eight different brands, primarily shipped from a 60000 square foot warehouse in Texas.

However, as MAT expanded its business, it began to go beyond its existing manual warehouse management processes and encountered many tracking and inventory accuracy issues faced by warehouses. The company understands that in order to keep up with current growth and future goals, it needs a more effective and scalable warehouse management system.

"When we select orders, the difference in our inventory is getting bigger and bigger," commented warehouse manager Shawn. "Many orders have been delayed in delivery because our system shows that we have inventory, but it doesn't actually exist. If we are looking for products, we must find someone and rely on their memory. This takes time."

Customizing transformative NetSuite WMS solutions

The company has already used NetSuite in many critical business management processes and has turned to McLaren Technology to implement NetSuite's Warehouse Management System (WMS) to automate warehouse operations and directly integrate data into existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

The MeLin Technology team conducted research on several key stakeholders of MAT, including their Chief Operating Officer, Warehouse Manager, Materials Manager, and E-commerce Manager, as well as Sales Manager, to understand the company's pain points and design comprehensive solutions.

MAT integrates NetSuite WMS to enhance inbound and outbound warehouse operations. From the perspective of warehousing, users only need to scan their actions to accurately receive items. MAT has established control measures to help ensure that employees scan all items instead of selecting the number of pallets they are moving. Lack of manual intervention can help improve efficiency and accuracy.

"The efficiency is very high now," Shawn argued. "I can complete an additional 30% of the work without adding anyone else to the team."

For outbound orders, warehouse operators can now scan items from anywhere in the workshop for sorting, packaging, and shipping orders. Scanning reduces manual data input, allowing companies to fully utilize their warehouses and teams.

After implementing MeLin Technology's NetSuite WMS, MAT's warehouse operations underwent a transformation, significantly improving overall efficiency. With customized picking and packaging strategies, packaging station applications, and the new mobile operator scanning process in NetSuite WMS, warehouse operations are simplified and accurate real-time inventory can be obtained at any time.

"In terms of inventory accuracy, I haven't had any orders delayed due to system differences now - all of our orders have been fulfilled," Shawn said. "NetSuite WMS has improved the absolute value difference nine times. Currently, my value difference is 0.1%. This is a huge improvement in accuracy."MAT transforms warehouse processes with NetSuite