Jun.2023 27
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Oracle NetSuite Launch Plan and Budget Cloud Service
Recently, Oracle NetSuite has released a new Planning and Budget Cloud Services (PBCS) that integrates with NetSuite to help customers instantly view business performance and facilitate real-time decision-making.

Oracle NetSuite Launch Plan and Budget Cloud Service

It is reported that the new SuiteSuccess Program and Budget Cloud Service is an industry cloud solution that can help organizations of any size implement planning and budget solutions, conduct real-time planning tracking, and customize solutions according to the needs of different industries in just 30 days.

The current pace of business means that planning should no longer be solely based on historical data or universal, one size fits all templates, but should be closely related to the daily operations of the enterprise, designed for different industry applications, and constantly updated based on real-time business performance and insights of the enterprise. "said Gary Wiessinger, Senior Vice President of Product Management for Oracle NetSuite, To meet this demand and assist organizations of all sizes in optimizing decision-making, a new planning and budgeting cloud service has been integrated into NetSuite, which includes leading practices and models specifically designed for various industries, helping our customers realize value faster

The new Planning and Budgeting Cloud Solution (PBCS) integrates planning and budgeting functions in NetSuite, supporting all market segments through expansion capabilities for small and large enterprises. This enables enterprises of all sizes to achieve departmental planning through modeling, approval workflows, and reporting in a collaborative and scalable solution.

Through the Planning and Budgeting Cloud solution, customers can immediately obtain the status of their business plans using intuitive and easy to create control panels and reports, which can be refreshed in real-time through in-memory computing and rapid aggregation. These features can help customers optimize:

·Prediction: The Planning and Budgeting Cloud Solution allows customers to plan and predict complex business assumptions through the use of ad hoc scenario modeling, sandbox, and prediction capabilities.

·Collaboration: Planning and budgeting cloud solutions enable customers to collaborate across the entire enterprise or specific user groups using data-driven dynamic approval.

·Planning Model: Planning and Budgeting Cloud Solutions allow customers to define planning models for specific business departments or create unified models for the entire company.

·Navigation: Planning and budgeting cloud solutions allow customers to create customized navigation streams based on the usage needs of different user groups. For example, sales planners, expense planners, financial analysts, executives, and others can all have their own navigation flow.